What is Democratic Economy?

How does democratic economy work? In democratic economy, the economy applies the same principles as democratic politics to politics. The … Lisää

An open letter to the WTO

2000. An effort to get a world-wide organization to recognize the malfunction of a world-wide economic competition. Although I am … Lisää

Do You Want a Third Way?

1998. An article defining a non-capitalist and non-socialist economy. Contribution to the discussion in the New Statesman concerning the third … Lisää

If Smith Lived Today

1998. A comment to Jonathan Schlefer’s article in the Atlantic Unbound. Jonathan Schlefer asks in the Atlantic if our globalization … Lisää

A Letter to George Soros

1998. Inspired by Soros’ writings in which he criticises capitalism and introduces the concept of reflexibility. I’m afraid he didn’t … Lisää

Riposte to Kaplan

1998. My first participation in the internet conversation. A comment to Robert D. Kaplan’s article about the western democracy in … Lisää